We provide fast and convenient, everyday banking services regardless of who you bank with.

Close and convenient

I like the online banking help and support when I need it.
It’s the only place open for everyday banking near me
I can deposit my takings at the end of day without having to travel.

Hands on help

Get phone and email support from 9am to 5pm weekdays:

By using the OneBanx App and visiting one of our kiosks, you can:

Deposit Cash

Deposit money straight into the bank account you already have.

Withdraw Cash

Withdraw money from a OneBanx kiosk without using your card.

Check all your accounts at once

Add the bank accounts you already have and view your different accounts balances and transactions, all in one place.

Pay a bill using cash

A convenient place to pay your bills, and you can pay cash if you wish.

Enable others to make cash deposits to your accounts

Sign up with our business concierge service to allow trusted employees to deposit cash to your accounts.

Get help signing up to online banking

Our telephone and email support is available during working hours to help you get started.

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